Tropico 6 Free Steam Game Key

Tropico 6 is the main dictator simulator and one of the best urban planning strategies. The new game will be more than its predecessors. Instead of one of the tropical islands – an archipelago, and therefore a much more developed transport infrastructure – build tunnels and bridges connecting islands and cable cars.

The rest is still Tropico, a game where you can become a public favorite to do everything for people, or angry with the whole world being a cruel dictator, in the morning supervising the poor neighborhood from the balcony covered in its golden palace.

Tropico 6 will be released on 29th of March this year, so it’s just after 2 days but Steamity already got 100 free steam game keys for Tropico 6 and will be happy to give them away to you guys. The official price for Tropico 6 is $26.99 now in pre-sale.

How To Download Tropico 6 For Free?

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and press the button “Click to start”
  2. Wait for the tool the find available key for the game.
  3. Pass the verification and that is it.

Warning! Please redeem the key after the game release, otherwise it will not work.


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