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What is the main idea of PUBG? Hundreds of players are being landed on a huge map: with fields, forests, towns, villages, single houses and bridges. The route of the plane on which players arrive is different each time, and you can choose the moment for the jump yourself. They do not have anything: armor, weapons, first-aid kits, body kits for cannons – you have to check at least 20 houses to get a good riffle or gun. Over time, an area is starting to highlight on the map, which gradually shrinks, all players outside of it die very fast. The goal is to survive. Only one will remain. That’s how simple it is.

PUBG grabs you by the collar and hurls you in the thick, without explaining anything. What to do? Where to go? How can you have fun? In my first match, absolutely not understanding what was happening, I flew into the first house, grabbed the machete from the floor, locked myself in the toilet and hid in the bath behind the remnants of the curtains. After 5 minutes I heard rustling in the house, I was tense. But when the door to the bath opened, I suddenly jumped out from behind the curtain and cut down the surprised guest, like Jason. But he was with a rifle. Damn, and cool! Two minutes later, a sniper shot me right through the window, but by that moment I seemed to have begun to understand why people love PUBG.

Right now the price in the official PUBG website is $19.99, but Steam is giving you right now 33% OFF with a great price of $11.99 . As usual here in Steamity you can download Official PUBG absolutely for free for PC, XBOX or PS.

How to Get Free Steam Key and download PUBG for free?

Just follow this 3 simple steps and with in 5 minutes you will have an official version of PUBG ready to be download for free to your favourite gaming platform.

  1. Click the button “Click to start”
  2. Wait for the Steam Key Generator Tool to finish checking for unused steam codes.
  3. Pass the human verification and redeem your code in your Steam account.
Free PUBG Steam Key
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PUBG Free Steam Key
PUBG Free Steam Key Game


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